How to Become a Successful and Effective Teacher

Harry K. Wong & Rosemary T. Wong, Session #184216, $75


August 16, 2018, 8 AM – 12 PM, Julie Rogers Theater

In one day, learn how to:

  • Start class with no wasted time
  • Get students to do what you want them to do
  • Eliminate discipline problems
  • Establish consistency so the class responsibly runs itself

Transformational Teachers Institute

Fall 2017 Cohort, Session #172829              Spring 2018 Cohort, Session #172830

Module 1 – October 11                                Module 1 – January 16

Module 2 – November 14                            Module 2 – February 6

Module 3 – December 5                               Module 3 – March 6


This three-day professional development series was designed utilizing research-based resources that have proven effective in assisting schools improve student achievement. Teachers, as well as participating administrators, will explore leadership characteristics and opportunities, collaboration practices, and data-driven decision making to inform instruction. These strategies, when put into practice, translate to increased student and teacher efficacy.

Module 1  Unleashing Leadership

Module 2  Synergistic Thinking

Module 3 Powerful Planning

Contact Maris Peno at or 409-951-1723 or Jeannie Istre at or 409-951-1721.

Langham Elementary High Performing and High Progress School Award
Mrs. Rosetta Morgan And Langham Elementary accept Region 5 Award

Administrative Leadership Workshops

February 2017 through April 2018


Course offerings Include Re5PASS, T-TESS, T-PESS, AEL, and CIP/CAN presented by David Hicks. Various dates from February 2017 through April 2018. Contact Tina Hall at 409-951-1756 or email for more information.