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Administrative Leadership

The Administrative Leadership programs and services are developed and offered for central office administrators; campus principals and assistant principals; and other administrative leaders.  The planned programs and services are based on a comprehensive needs assessment resulting from advisors in the field; feedback from assessment centers (professional growth plans); and other sources. 
TEC 21.054 requires that administrators have 200 hours over a five-year period in order to retain their Standard Certificate.  State required training is offered by Region 5 ESC and includes:

  • CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT PLANNING / COMPREHENSIVE NEEDS ASSESSMENT:  This workshop is for those individuals who, along with the campus administrator, are stakeholders in the Campus Improvement Plan.  Topics such as requirements for campus plans, critical components of the campus plan, integrated planning, and basic assumption about effective planning will be discussed.  Participants will also receive and discuss Comprehensive Needs Assessment Tools created by Region 20 ESC.  
  • INDUCTION/MENTORING ACADEMY (Re5PASS):  This program is designed to address the SBEC induction requirements.  It helps principals and assistant principals in the profession by providing mentors and specific programs and services as support.  The mentors will be leaders who currently serve as principals and superintendents.  The goal is to learn, develop and use key skills and behaviors which are considered “best practices” in leadership.  
  • ADVANCING EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP (AEL):  For aspiring administrators, this program is a 24 hour prerequisite to the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) and is required of all administrators who serve as appraisers.
  •  SITE-BASED DECISION MAKING (SBDM):  This program provides leadership, staff development, technical assistance and on-site 
    support for campus and district SBDM teams for the purpose of implementing site-based decision making throughout the year. 
  • SURVIVAL KIT FOR ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS:  Survival Kit for Assistant Principals is designed to answer all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, but were afraid to.  Topics to be discussed will include past experiences, current issues, and possible problems you will face in the future.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT FOR THE CAMPUS ADMINISTRATOR:  Principals face many demands on their time each and every day.  Principals are busy, overwhelmed and frustrated about getting things done in the allotted time.  In order to become more efficient and maximize their time, principals need to understand “Time Management” principles as they relate to their job.  In this training, we will discuss time saving strategies along with how to prioritize and plan their time.
  • CHAPTER 37 - DISCIPLINE UPDATE:  Requires administrators complete professional development at least every three years in the area of discipline.  Administrators who oversee discipline must attend professional development training in the area of Chapter 37.  Training must include the distinction between discipline management techniques and the discretionary authority of a teacher to remove disruptive students.  This training meets the requirements of H.B. 1952.
  • TEXAS TEACHER EVALUATION AND SUPPORT SYSTEM (T-TESS): T-TESS is the new teacher evaluation system that replaces the existing Professional Development and Appraisal System (PDAS) in Texas and will be fully implemented in the 2016-17 School Year.  This is a required training for those who will be evaluating teachers in the classroom.  A state certificate will be issued to those who complete and pass the training.
  • TEXAS PRINCIPAL EVALUATION AND SUPPORT SYSTEM (T-PESS):  T-PESS is the new state principal evaluation system that replaces the current principal appraisal instrument used in Texas and will be fully implemented in the 2016-17 School Year.  This training is required for those individuals who will be evaluating campus principals.  A state certificate will be issued for those completing and passing the training.?


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Region 5 Education Service Center

Region 5 ESC will devote its operation to the purpose of helping each school educate its students so as to assure their success in our society.


Per HB 462, resources and services provided by Region 5 ESC are aligned with, and designed to support, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills(TEKS) adopted by the State Board of Education. 




Region 5 ESC Vision: 

The vision of ESC 5 is to be the provider of choice for education services and solutions.


Region 5 ESC Mission:

The mission of ESC 5 is to assist schools through various initiatives in meeting the needs of students through efficient and economical means. 


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